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Beauty ideals across time and cultures and the desire to look like “them”

We are all human beings we all look different. That’s just what it is. And wouldn’t it be dull if everyone looked the same? If you try so hard to … Continue reading

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The most common excuse

is, as I believe it to be, “I don’t have time”. I understand someone, who works from early till late, say these words, but I certainly do not think that … Continue reading

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Ich blicke zurück, ich blicke nach vorn und guck in den Spiegel, wo mich mein Antlitz erschreckt die Jahre sind verflogen, die Jahre ziehn vorbei nichts bleibt wie es war … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem

There’s no such an odd sensation as time. When I was at school, I couldn’t wait for the years to go by, looking forward to leaving school and generally just … Continue reading

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