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Spanish – observation on addressing children

What sounds strange to you in the title? Nothing? Something? In English or German, addressing your child with the words “my daughter/son” instead of their name is not common and sounds … Continue reading

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La Gina

I’ve been wanting to write this post for more than three months, and I wish I had done it earlier because now I have not only less time than before, … Continue reading

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(Do) you need to keep it complicated (?)

When revising Spanish I came over a nice text by Ramón Civedé. I shall translate it here for you. The original is called “No hay que complicar la felicidad” No … Continue reading

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Analysing. Or reading between the lines.

The idea of this blog came up in a Spanish (literature) lecture (yesterday). We had to prepare the short story “Imposibilidad de la memoria” by José María Merino; I usually … Continue reading

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