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What about tinder!

I have many friends who shy away from tinder, bumble and other dating apps. Their reasoning being that a couple of photos can hardly speak for the person. I agree, … Continue reading

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Psychology (undergraduate level)

Coming to an end of my education (for now), I figured why not share my revision notes. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. Feel free to make a little donation … Continue reading

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Social Cognitive Theory (for Personality) (P8)

Bandura wanted to focus on thinking (cognition) and self processes (people are given control and personal agency: their goals, self-evaluation, self-efficacy). The theory should have useful applications in therapy. Mischel … Continue reading

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Behavioural Approach (to Personality) (P7)

Behaviour is a function of and determined by the environment, learning and current conditions; personality is the collective term. Weather is to climate like behaviour is to personality. The structural (most … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Perspective (on Personality) (P6)

Genetics Evolutionists think that genetics are the key to everything. Personality aspects are the result of evolution by selection – they exist and endured because they are adaptive to survival … Continue reading

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Applications of Trait Theory (P5)

The big 5 may be related to certain outcomes O: artistic C: job performance E: leadership A: social interests N: criminal behaviour Academic Performance O: correlates with IQ .2 to … Continue reading

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Biological Foundations of Personality Traits (Genes, Physiology, Evolution) (P4)

Two obsessions seem to be going around: BRAIN obsession: e.g. Phineas Gage’s personality changed dramatically after his brain was damaged, and Franz Gall allocated aspects of personality (emotional and behavioural) … Continue reading

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