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Psychology (undergraduate level)

Coming to an end of my education (for now), I figured why not share my revision notes. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. Feel free to make a little donation … Continue reading

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Social Cognitive Theory (for Personality) (P8)

Bandura wanted to focus on thinking (cognition) and self processes (people are given control and personal agency: their goals, self-evaluation, self-efficacy). The theory should have useful applications in therapy. Mischel … Continue reading

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Behavioural Approach (to Personality) (P7)

Behaviour is a function of and determined by the environment, learning and current conditions; personality is the collective term. Weather is to climate like behaviour is to personality. The structural (most … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Perspective (on Personality) (P6)

Genetics Evolutionists think that genetics are the key to everything. Personality aspects are the result of evolution by selection – they exist and endured because they are adaptive to survival … Continue reading

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Applications of Trait Theory (P5)

The big 5 may be related to certain outcomes O: artistic C: job performance E: leadership A: social interests N: criminal behaviour Academic Performance O: correlates with IQ .2 to … Continue reading

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Biological Foundations of Personality Traits (Genes, Physiology, Evolution) (P4)

Two obsessions seem to be going around: BRAIN obsession: e.g. Phineas Gage’s personality changed dramatically after his brain was damaged, and Franz Gall allocated aspects of personality (emotional and behavioural) … Continue reading

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Does personality change as we age? (P3)

First, there are different approaches of studying ‘temperament’ in children: 1) Behavioural Approach Thomas and Chen proposed that children differ in 9 ways (activity, rhythm, withdrawal, adaptability, responsiveness, raction, mood, … Continue reading

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Trait Theory (P2)

The most popular personality theory is the Traits Theory. It assumes that we have broad predispositions, traits, which are responsible for the consistent, distinct and stable patterns of how people behave, feel … Continue reading

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Introduction to Theories of Personality (P1)

Personality is defined as psychological qualities that contribute to an individual’s unique and distinctive patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. It is said to be enduring (time and situation consistent) … Continue reading

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Handwritten personality…

I was younger than 10 when a teacher told me that there were people who learn how to analyse people and their personalities simply by reading their handwriting. A trained … Continue reading

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