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Me like I

I noticed a strange phenomenon in the speech of a friend: Instead of “let my friend and me know” she would say “let my friend and I know”. So instead … Continue reading

28/11/2011 · 2 Comments

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

I was just listening to the soundtrack of Amélie (i.e. Yann Tiersen). Honestly, there are few films that I love as much as I love this one, and usually when … Continue reading

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Sing away your accent

A couple of days ago when I was walking around with a friend I started to sing and she noticed that my accent had suddenly disappeared. Back home I listened … Continue reading

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If you know me, you’ve probably already been one of my subjects. When I meet someone, usually one of my first questions is: “What are your favourite words (in any … Continue reading

20/04/2011 · 6 Comments