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the fascinating world of languages

Languages fascinate me because they are our main way of communication and more. Mainly spoken but also written they allow people to share and connect with each other. On top … Continue reading

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Coming to an end of my education (for now), I figured why not share my revision notes. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. Feel free to make a little donation … Continue reading

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The wired Princessin’s bubble bursts – a communicative fairy tale

This video was created for a multimedia assignment in a Creative Writing paper. Thanks for playing the guitar, Nicholas! Thanks to Nastassja and Goldie for ‘proof-watching’ it (so if there … Continue reading

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Cechy, Abertawe and München…

A while ago I met a Chinese girl and she told me that she was from Beijing. An awkward pause followed because her face made me assume that she was … Continue reading

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Quote: “German is underlying a verb-final language, but statistically this isn’t the case”

Let me start with; German grammar is really not that bad. It’s actually rather nice in terms of word order because the case morphology allows more word order possibilities than, … Continue reading

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