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Beauty and the Beast

It’s like a coin with two sides One brings joy, the other pain We think we’re in for amazing rides But after sunshine there’s always rain. Feelings of desire and … Continue reading

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Darkness and Silence

People who are born incapable of seeing/hearing/speaking don’t know it differently and just live their lives. What, however, if an adult suddenly becomes blind/deaf/mute? How would you cope with the … Continue reading

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Music is everywhere. Even though it is kind of impossible to know what exactly music was and meant to our ancestors millions and billions of years ago, I believe that … Continue reading

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Everyone feels lonely sometimes, but there are people who seek loneliness. Wikipedia states nicely: They may feel they can view things reflectively, mature much faster, seek knowledge, reach their goals … Continue reading

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Sharing a planet

A truly wonderful video, made in 14 months in 42 different countries with a cast of thousands. Very inspiring (not in terms of his dance style though 😉 ), showing … Continue reading

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