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Why machines are feminine

Ever noticed that apparently machines are feminine? The car… she? The bike… she? In languages that have different gender categories such as German, French, and Spanish, the gender of stuff depends on the … Continue reading

09/04/2014 · Leave a comment

Simple English. Maybe not.

Quite a few times when I passed those ever-so-boring-never-changing notes on our kitchen walls (student flat), I wondered about the following: “…and switch the cooker off”. Why not: “…and switch … Continue reading

11/06/2011 · 3 Comments

Quote: “German is underlying a verb-final language, but statistically this isn’t the case”

Let me start with; German grammar is really not that bad. It’s actually rather nice in terms of word order because the case morphology allows more word order possibilities than, … Continue reading

23/01/2011 · 3 Comments