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Step by step (poem)

Original in German, English translation below Wenn dein ganzes Leben zerbricht Als er sich umdreht und dich stehen lässt Umhüllt dich Nebel und nimmt deine Sicht Du wurdest ängstlich, stumm … Continue reading

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One day, baby, we’ll be old – Julia Engelmann’s slam (in German and translated into English)

A few of my German friends shared a video of Julia Engelmann  (video embedded at the bottom or click here) who ‘slammed’ at the  Bielefelder Hörsaal-Slam (Campus TV 2013). I was so … Continue reading

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Distant. Far. From wherever you are. Für ein paar Wochen waren wir so nah. Your touch. Your kiss. I wonder whether this is what I miss. Bis das Leben uns … Continue reading

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Making sense of words that don’t exist

Some days ago I had a sensation in my eyes which I referred to as ziepen (tweaking) when I told a (German) friend. She got what I meant even though … Continue reading

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Ich blicke zurück, ich blicke nach vorn und guck in den Spiegel, wo mich mein Antlitz erschreckt die Jahre sind verflogen, die Jahre ziehn vorbei nichts bleibt wie es war … Continue reading

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A wengerl ondas*

*ein bisschen anders in Standard German (a bit different) I remember me sitting in front of Dr Bert Vaux and another professor in my interview at Cambridge. I told them … Continue reading

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About a word that’s been used on 9 websites, according to google search results. 10 with this post.*

A vivid discussion on facebook yesterday. I wrote “ich popp kurz aufm Nachhauseweg vorbei“ on a friend’s wall. Literally “I pop briefly on-the way-home over” meaning “I’ll briefly pop in … Continue reading

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Another kind of poem

In this dinosaur comic, T-Rex says: “Maybe if you’re writing poetry, you could write a poem with only female nouns and then one with only male nouns, and that could … Continue reading

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Ich liege in meinem triefenden Bett. Die Flüssigkeit hat sich tief in das Leinen gesogen. Es kühlt meine erhitzte Haut. Ich liege mit ausgestreckten Armen, da. Starre in deine nackten … Continue reading

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Quote: “German is underlying a verb-final language, but statistically this isn’t the case”

Let me start with; German grammar is really not that bad. It’s actually rather nice in terms of word order because the case morphology allows more word order possibilities than, … Continue reading

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