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Two approaches, one goal

There are various different psychotherapies and I would say that they can be divided into two approaches: trying to make sense of the past, and not dealing with the past but … Continue reading

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The Self and the Other

How can we separate ourselves from others? For us to know about something, it has to have boundaries. Hence, to know about my Self, I have to know that the … Continue reading

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Psychology (undergraduate level)

Coming to an end of my education (for now), I figured why not share my revision notes. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. Feel free to make a little donation … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Masson on Freud, Sexual Abuse, and Psychoanalytic Therapy

We had a guest lecture by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson the other day. Masson first studied Sanskrit to realise at 30 that he didn’t want to pursue it anymore, so he … Continue reading

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Unreal Reality

We are talking about some topic, it hits me and I say: “I actually dreamt about that last night!” My mother laughs. “You and your dreams.” Indeed, me and my … Continue reading

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