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Feeling feelings

Emotions are experiences characterised by mental states, expressions, and physical reactions. Feelings are the subjective experience of emotional states. If I didn’t say that something someone did hurt me they wouldn’t know – unless … Continue reading

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Darkness and Silence

People who are born incapable of seeing/hearing/speaking don’t know it differently and just live their lives. What, however, if an adult suddenly becomes blind/deaf/mute? How would you cope with the … Continue reading

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Aujourd’hui, maman est morte.

The first line of ‘l’Étranger’ (the Stranger) by Albert Camus. Two weeks (or so) ago I had a chat about this book with some mates who had to read it … Continue reading

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Head or Heart, that is the question.

Emotions can be felt by everyone around the world; one doesn’t have to be clever to experience them. However, although there’s a general explanation of sadness, for example, everyone experiences … Continue reading

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