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Casablanca´s Casanovas

I started this post way back last summer, time to get it out there. I spent some days in June 2011 in Essaouira, Morocco. Alone. (I had to as I … Continue reading

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Bodies, genders, rites and the role of women in some societies

For the Bimin-Kuskusmin (New Guinea) everything is divided into male and female. There is male food, and there is female food. Men mustn’t eat female foods, females may not even … Continue reading

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There’s Magic in the Air

With numerous movies, sitcoms and books on superstitions and magic, you start wondering why people ever believed in the like and still do, and whether there might be any truth … Continue reading

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I spent two weeks in Morocco collecting Argan. What? The Argan tree grows in the south-east regions of Morroco. The fruit is about nut-sized. It is formed by a pulp … Continue reading

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I reckon most people have heard of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) before. Basically, it’s a network of organisations that links volunteers with organic farms – in return for … Continue reading

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Foreign Language vs £££££

Students applying to universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for entry in September 2012 will be facing tuition fees of £6,000 to £9,000. How could they possibly avoid this? … Continue reading

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A wengerl ondas*

*ein bisschen anders in Standard German (a bit different) I remember me sitting in front of Dr Bert Vaux and another professor in my interview at Cambridge. I told them … Continue reading

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