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Things we should’ve learned in school that would be much more useful than some of the things we did learn – the weather

On the bike, cycletouring through South America, weather can be our number one enemy. Either it’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, or too sunny. You don’t have … Continue reading

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From Mexico to Colombia on bikes (destination Argentina) in 3 months

My boyfriend and I left for Cancun, Mexico, at the end of May. With two fatbikes we started our cycle adventure. The first days were mainly rainy and tedious on … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s City Slogans

When you travel around New Zealand you will soon notice that several places try to increase tourism through town branding. Plenty of towns try to make themselves sound appealing even … Continue reading

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The beginnings of a long trip

My boyfriend, Dan, and I met hiking around New Zealand. He was work-travelling for a few years, and I was  in my third (exchange) year at university. Once I had … Continue reading

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The Sandfly Song (Video)

Whilst on my exchange year in New Zealand I walked part of the Te Araroa Trail. As you will figure out quickly when you’re outdoors in New Zealand in Summer, … Continue reading

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When things end too soon!

It feels like the summer holidays lasted quite a long time (well, three months is quite a while) and yet, they seem to have passed by way too quickly. I … Continue reading

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January in the North Island

Time flies, as the saying goes, and it does indeed; yet another month has gone by.   2013 started off with me getting a kina spike into my foot which … Continue reading

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