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Flower in Dust

(an excerpt from a book I’ve been writing on turned into a short story) Goosebumps flooded her body. She was trembling. Her breath like smoke tenuously floating from her mouth. … Continue reading

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One day, baby, we’ll be old – Julia Engelmann’s slam (in German and translated into English)

A few of my German friends shared a video of Julia Engelmann  (video embedded at the bottom or click here) who ‘slammed’ at the  Bielefelder Hörsaal-Slam (Campus TV 2013). I was so … Continue reading

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The Prince and the Vampire (animation)

Just finished this project I’d been working on for a while. Took me longer than expected due to not having that much spare time and being a perfectionist (couldn’t live … Continue reading

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Carmichael Kerfunkle’s talkshow, today’s guest: The Devil Devillin

SCRIPT (about-ish) Animal 1: It’s the show of tomorrow! Animal 2: It’s the show of today! Animal 3: The show that makes your problems go away! Animal 4: Got a … Continue reading

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Replacing native for a second-rate brand of English?

“My private tragedy, which cannot, and indeed should not, be anybody’s concern, is that I had to abandon my natural idiom, my untrammeled, rich, and infinitely docile Russian language for … Continue reading

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The wired Princessin’s bubble bursts – a communicative fairy tale

This video was created for a multimedia assignment in a Creative Writing paper. Thanks for playing the guitar, Nicholas! Thanks to Nastassja and Goldie for ‘proof-watching’ it (so if there … Continue reading

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