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Mirror mirror on the wall!

(What are you doing to us all?) It’s sad and weird, to look into the mirror. Isn’t it a crazy invention! I somewhat feel like the mirror was a revolution, … Continue reading

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Not that it matters…

when it’s bigger, it’s more likely to… freeze off! So, my friend and I were wondering why, apparently, black men have the biggest dicks. My theory was that, maybe, in … Continue reading

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Few consonants and mixed up vowels

Kia ora! On one of our first days here at the University of Auckland (NZ) we had a Maori welcome: a haka (war dance) and a Maori greeting us in … Continue reading

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Well happy!

Before I throw the actual piece at you, I want to clarify something that might, at first sight, not seem very unclear since people tend to use the terms happiness … Continue reading

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Casablanca´s Casanovas

I started this post way back last summer, time to get it out there. I spent some days in June 2011 in Essaouira, Morocco. Alone. (I had to as I … Continue reading

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Penis Graveyard

I visited a museum last week and noticed that most male sculptures’ penises were either extremely small (in relation to their bodies) or broken off. My friend commented that maybe … Continue reading

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As I said last year, this year I fooled them all. Oh yes, and they all believed it. I posted on facebook that I wasn’t going on exchange next year … Continue reading

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Those who grew up in industrialised countries probably know what I’m writing about. We are born, attend kindergarten, then school. We are supposed to graduate with good grades and then … Continue reading

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Bodies, genders, rites and the role of women in some societies

For the Bimin-Kuskusmin (New Guinea) everything is divided into male and female. There is male food, and there is female food. Men mustn’t eat female foods, females may not even … Continue reading

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There’s Magic in the Air

With numerous movies, sitcoms and books on superstitions and magic, you start wondering why people ever believed in the like and still do, and whether there might be any truth … Continue reading

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