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Is nude photography art?

My father is an artist (mainly sculptor but he paints and draws too) who focuses on the human body, so I grew up with ‘that kind of art’ surrounding me. … Continue reading

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For the Ladies (and their curious partners)

Especially when you’re young, you have little knowledge of what is out there in terms of menstrual protection and contraception. I’m still in my early twenties but I’ve tried a … Continue reading

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Co-sleeping: Good or Bad?

I am a very light sleeper, especially noise gets to me so I sleep with earplugs most nights. There were times when I had to share a bed, e.g. when … Continue reading

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Women’s Hormones – manipulation or not

It probably wasn’t a great idea to be on and off the pill three times in a year (1 month on, 1 month off, 4 months on, 4 months off, … Continue reading

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The Prince and the Vampire (animation)

Just finished this project I’d been working on for a while. Took me longer than expected due to not having that much spare time and being a perfectionist (couldn’t live … Continue reading

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Escaping your Shadow

Everyone’s heard about it and a great deal of people will be affected at some point in their lives (the lifetime risk for women is 10-25% and 5-12% for men … Continue reading

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(your brain) in love

What is love? It makes sense to think that ‘love’ means something similar yet different to each of us. The best possible way to explain to someone else what you … Continue reading

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