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What keeps us alive?

Bedbound. Watching the clouds floating over the city through my window. And another painkiller please. Life is not fair, we all know that, don’t we. Some people never have anything, … Continue reading

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Death and Beyond

I am not scared of death. It comes when it comes and it will come someday for sure. Now and then you think about what follows death. Maybe you’re reborn, … Continue reading

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Bodies, genders, rites and the role of women in some societies

For the Bimin-Kuskusmin (New Guinea) everything is divided into male and female. There is male food, and there is female food. Men mustn’t eat female foods, females may not even … Continue reading

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Darkness and Silence

People who are born incapable of seeing/hearing/speaking don’t know it differently and just live their lives. What, however, if an adult suddenly becomes blind/deaf/mute? How would you cope with the … Continue reading

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An option.

I recently watched an episode of Desperate Housewives. Beth commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. It looks so easy. But is it that really? Honestly, who has never … Continue reading

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Everyone feels lonely sometimes, but there are people who seek loneliness. Wikipedia states nicely: They may feel they can view things reflectively, mature much faster, seek knowledge, reach their goals … Continue reading

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Evil: Good or Evil?

Natural evils: occur naturally (earthquakes, floods, plagues) Moral evils: inflicted by people on other people Atheists say a benevolent God cannot exist simultaneously with evil. As evil exists, God cannot. … Continue reading

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