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Lost in Translation

Now, I think we all know that watching a movie in its original language is unbeatable.┬áSynchronisation… well, sucks. Which is mostly not the translator’s fault: it’s hard to translate one … Continue reading

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Making sense of words that don’t exist

Some days ago I had a sensation in my eyes which I referred to as ziepen (tweaking) when I told a (German) friend. She got what I meant even though … Continue reading

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Apostrophes, brackets, colons, commas, dashes, ellipses, exclamation marks, full stops, guillemets, hyphens, question marks, quotation marks, semicolons, slashes. In brief: Punctuation. What would we do without those little symbols that … Continue reading

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Few consonants and mixed up vowels

Kia ora! On one of our first days here at the University of Auckland (NZ) we had a Maori welcome: a haka (war dance) and a Maori greeting us in … Continue reading

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(-wait for it-) If you haven’t heard of How I met your mother yet… you’re missing out. I’m not an addict of the series (as some of my friends) but … Continue reading


Brn wrkt

m tryng t prf pnt hr tht ppl wh knw nglsh r prfctl (r s) cpbl f ndrstndng txt wrttn wtht ny vwls. hv lrdy wrttn pst rltng t ths … Continue reading

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There are numerous terms to divide males and females in different groups in terms of their characteristics, e.g. gentleman, dandy, lad and lady, tomboy/girl, gamine. When it comes to age … Continue reading

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