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The ones that got away

I was at a restaurant with friends last night, when one of them spotted a girl he had met years ago. He said he had had an instant crush but had been too drunk to make more of a connection, and so they never saw each other again. Yesterday he was too shy to approach her, even though I urged him to.

You pass so many people in your life, each time it may be the first and last time, each time may be the only chance you have to actually meet them. There are millions of people in the world, each one of them with their own fascinating mind that might intrigue you.

We started talking… do we all have faces that haunt us? People we met once, wished we had connected with (and we are lucky these days with social media – imagine the difficulties just 30 years ago…) but didn’t, and somehow they stuck in our heads… wondering whether they just left an impression on us, or whether it was mutual…

Well, maybe you know my Lost Boy?

I was working at the White House in Auckland (a strip club) in March 2013.

A stag party came in and got me and two other girls to play nude pool with them for 40 minutes. During the second game I played with this guy, let’s call him Pete – maybe in his late 20s. We enjoyed chatting, and he was convinced that my stage name was my real name (and he was right about that, but I didn’t tell him) and he said I looked familiar. For some reason he’s still on my mind from time to time. I don’t really remember what he looked like and yet I think he had similarity to Matthew Goode, whose face I see when I think of Pete.

We met on Saturday 9th of March 2013 (thanks to diary entries…). If you know someone who celebrated their stag party at that time in Auckland… let me know! 😉



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