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What about tinder!

I have many friends who shy away from tinder, bumble and other dating apps. Their reasoning being that a couple of photos can hardly speak for the person.

I agree, but I also disagree.

You are the one representing yourself on tinder (and other social media, obviously). And while that may only show you in favourable lights, it does say something about who you are. Take my tinder profile for example!


I’m pretty transparent. Guys who’re just after sex will likely be disappointed, which I think I make pretty clear. And that’s what I personally look for in other people’s profiles, too: photos and text that show that they’re like-minded. At least if you meet up, there will be something to talk about, even if there’s no physical attraction – and I have a hard time feeling attracted if there’s no common ground anyway. Even if you get along great, sometimes that’s just it though, but you might just have met a new great friend…

Naturally, this doesn’t always work out in practice. I’ve had several awkward tinder dates with guys who I thought I could have at least a nice chat with, but then just wondered how I could get away from the data asap. People on paper are just not people in the flesh. Body language, the way people talk, and what they say… it all adds up. I’ve been with several men who I probably wouldn’t have “swiped right” on tinder. Visually they weren’t necessarily “my type”, but in person I was extremely attracted. Be it their personality, charm, humour, or just chemical attraction of some kind.

So, think about what you want and who you want to attract! I can’t help myself but wonder what some of these guys were thinking… :’D



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