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Why we need models of all sizes and shapes

I’m not a big fan of shopping, at all. Firstly, I don’t like spending money. Secondly, I hate today’s consumerism. Thirdly, I don’t like owning more stuff than I really need. So I usually buy from second hand shops, and only if I really need something.

Recently I’ve found myself in need to do a bunch of shopping for clothes. Due to living in a small town where options are limited and overpriced, online shopping has been my go-to. It’s really very convenient in that it saves time and gives you more options (too many!). The obvious problem, however, is that you can’t try it on and won’t know how it fits and looks on you until it’s been shipped. For that reason, I generally only order from places where returns are free – I’ve had to return at least 70 per cent of all those things I ordered because for the most part, they just looked different on me than I had expected. And that’s the problem:

You see all those dresses, pants, briefs and bras on women that mostly don’t look anything like you. They tend to have small hips, less bum, long thin legs, apple-like-breasts, flat stomachs… disregarding the fact that it’s not healthy for both men and women to see these idealised body types, which makes us feel bad about the way we look, it just makes online shopping a lot harder. How are you supposed to tell whether the piece of clothing would look any good on you!

By using various models of all sizes and shapes you could paint a much better picture of how something would suit you!

So here’s to all online clothing stores; pick your models from the general population! It will boost everyone’s self-confidence, make shopping easier and consequently result in fewer returns (so less hassle for both parties)!


My boobs would definitely not look this supported…

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