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Beauty ideals across time and cultures and the desire to look like “them”

We are all human beings we all look different. That’s just what it is. And wouldn’t it be dull if everyone looked the same?
If you try so hard to look like someone else, it will only leave you feeling bad about yourself because you’re comparing yourself. You’re never gonna look like them. If you to try slim down (assuming you have a for your body healthy weight and normal diet to begin with), you will probably bounce back eventually because your body works best at your ideal body weight. We spend so much time on our appearance – from thinking about (not) eating, getting boob/nose/etc jobs, to locking ourselves into the bathroom for an hour every morning… It’s kinda depressing how obsessed we’ve become with our looks. I personally don’t even use makeup, but I wonder whether I will start using it when I get older. I get why many people use it – appearance isn’t just something we’re consciously aware of, preferring “pretty” things is evolutionary rooted in our brains. However, while some things, like a symmetrical face, are universally seen as attractive as they reflect “good genes” (Why beauty is an advert for good genes), lots of beauty standards are culturally determined. This includes make up (watch this video), and most significantly body types. Here’s a video showing how female body ideals have changed over time, and an article about wome’s and men’s “ideal” bodies in various countries. It’s interesting to think about male beauty standards, the ideal of “muscles”. I personally don’t find muscle-packed men that attractive! And not every man likes skinny, I know a number of guys who like wide hips, bums, boobs… 😉

It is sad that we can’t just be happy with what we’ve got, that these “ideals” always existed and probably will continue to exist in one way or another. It is part of the reason a huge amount of people suffers from body-issues -not feeling comfortable in their skin, eating disorders etc. As someone who suffered from eating disorders for many years, there’s message I have for everyone, particularly children who are so impressionable:

Stop wasting your time (and youth) thinking about things that DO NOT MATTER, just eat (healthily) – your body needs it! You are never going to look special to everyone, so BE special!

Once unhealthy thoughts are in your head, it is very very hard to get rid of them. And thoughts are where everything starts…


So, stop trying to look a certain way, you’re gonna look like you either way and some people will find you attractive and others won’t – just like you find some attractive and not others. Instead, try to BE(come) the person that you want to be, because no matter what you look like, personality really makes attractive!

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