My mind, my thoughts, my words

longing for an end

Nothing but tears crowding my head
Everywhere I look with eyes deeply sad
I’m so confused I just don’t understand
How it suddenly came to an end

Emptiness eats me, darkness fills me
Nothing can put a smile on my face
I can’t eat, see, smell and feel
The world seems like a deserted place

A dark cell is keeping me alive
Arms are reaching out but I hide
All I need is for you to step through my wall
But you keep walking away from my side

I scream and cry and I know I’ll awake
with a bleeding heart and my soul will break
I can’t forget and don’t want to let go
But my voice doesn’t count, you run the show

I try to understand yet love isn’t logic
I wish I could just empty my heart
I’m trapped in space waiting for a landing
Marking and ending and a new start

I breathe but my lungs feel hollow
Love brought us together and tore us apart
You’ll forget me, you’ve already forgotten
But I know you’ll always remain in my heart

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This entry was posted on 01/05/2016 by in Creative Writing, Miscellaneous.
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