My mind, my thoughts, my words

Our thoughts form our realities

Change your thoughts to become more positive. You can train this just as well as you can train your muscles to get stronger, by having these thoughts in front of you over and over again. You are okay and loveable, just for being yourself with your mind. We don’t need to do anything special or be smart or be pretty – don’t stress yourself about these society-made ideals. Inside, we are all okay. Listen to your heart – it’s not about what society says, it is about you as a person.

Every thought, that you think of consciously and repeatedly, will go to your unconscious, where it develops its own life and sends its contents to our awareness every now and then. If you have peace, harmony, and balance in your consciousness, they will go into your unconsciousness and help you live happily and in peace with yourself. Every day, take some time to think positively. With consciousness (mindfulness and  attentiveness) you will reach far within you.

Our thoughts form our realities:

Watch your thoughts, for they become words;
watch your words, for they become actions;
watch your actions, for they become habits;
watch your habits, for they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

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