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From Mexico to Colombia on bikes (destination Argentina) in 3 months

My boyfriend and I left for Cancun, Mexico, at the end of May. With two fatbikes we started our cycle adventure. The first days were mainly rainy and tedious on the highway. We didn’t know much Spanish, and felt foreign and strange in a culture so different to ours. As we continued through Belize, into Guatemala, we started to open up. Over the next couple of months our bikes took us all the way to Bogota in Colombia where we stopped to go back home for 5 months to avoid rainy season in the high mountains (at least we can seize the time to work and replace some gear).

We cycled on most days, had food poisoning (at least) twice, frequent tummy upsets, a few rest days, felt exhausted and asked ourselves why we were doing this, felt challenged on a physical, mental, and relationship level, but continued, as in the end every drop of sweat was so rewarding. Our journey led us through beautiful countrysides, insanely steep and other times very well graded hills and mountains, and allowed us to meet some of the kindest people. We slept in churches, fire stations, on people’s properties, on beaches, and once even in the middle of a town just on our airmats. We were laughed at, pointed at, starred at like zoo animals, but also welcomed, offered drinks and foods and even clothing.

Just as we started to get into the Andes at the end of August, leaving the draining heat and annoying insects behind us, we reached the end of the first part of our trip. We were upset that we had to take a break (bad preplanning!) but are very excited to return in February to continue our adventure all the way down to Argentina.

Read more about our tour and follow us here


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