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blogging vs vlogging

Obvious enough, I blog. However, I don’t read blogs except for the occasional post by some friend. Even if infrequently, too, I’d more easily stumble upon a vlog and watch. Here is why:

blogs vlogs
There are various websites out there that host blogs: wordpress, blogger, tumblr, google… some people may never come across your blog simply because they never go on said website. Most videos are in one place: youtube – one of the most visited website out there.
Words words words words. They can look quite frightening. (Size, font, colour, and formatting can help to assist the reader in reading.) Intonation, facial expression, etc make it easier for the watcher tofollow the vlogger’s ‘speech’.
You may know whatever goes on in the head of the blogger, but you might have never seen their face. Who is that person? Are their words just computer-generated? More personal – you see the vlogger. They are a real person, maybe even nice to look at. Usually, people connect better with others if they have some image of that person in their heads. This would make it more likely for them to become ‘loyal followers’.
Llook at that long post. Who on earth has time to read it? (Highlighting & paragraphing & subheadings can help!) 3 minutes doesn’t sound as bad as scrolling down the length of three computer screens.
hardly any… entertainment. Videos commonly include humour, sarcasm, creative editing and in general visual aids to follow whatever is being talked about. And the sole fact that a person is talking to you makes it more ‘sociable’ than reading words. We like when someone looks at us and talks to us.

So why the hell am I still writing on here?

Well for once, I like writing. I’m not saying I don’t like talking but writing is a lot easier – you can write, edit, re-edit… once a video is posted, it’s posted, and re-posting would just be a bit messy (most notably because y’d actually have to delete the old video to ‘replace’ it with the new one and by doing so you’d lose your previous views and likes etc and start from scratch in terms of spreading your clip).

Secondly, a video requires a lot more work. A vlog is pretty much like reading out a blog post. Many vloggers would start by writing a ‘post’, and then record themselves reading it out – perhaps several times to get everything right. They might then have to get the video on their computer to edit it. Then edit it. Then upload it… I know this from own experience (I give German lessons on youtube).

Thirdly, personal choice: I don’t care much about the statistics which youtube for example are often all about. Who has the most views? Who has the most (dis)likes? Who has the most followers? It’s nice to have some subscribers and to get a ‘like’ every now and then so it feels like some people are actually reading your stuff and you’re not writing it just for yourself (in effect, a b/vlog is an online diary though, so even if no-one else really cares you should take comfort in realising that it’s most likely doing a good thing for yourself – because it is almost like a private diary (well, depends on what you blog about!) it is as healthy as keeping a private diary. At least it will give you the feeling that you’re sharing your thoughts, and people like to (feel like they) have a voice).

Fourthly, on blogs it’s all about the content. On vlogs, on the other hand, there’s a number of other factors affecting the reception of your video: your appearance, your voice, your character… I’m glad I don’t need to check myself in the mirror when I write a post.

Finally, I like to think that there are still people out there who like looking at words just as much as – if not more than – looking at a talking face, and that I’m doing them a favour by writing and not throwing my voice (and my big nose) at them 😉

3 comments on “blogging vs vlogging

  1. Brianna Sullivan

    Thanks for this post! I like the written word also!

  2. sakura36

    Good diagram of the two! I am really deciding here and looking like vlogging is much more difficult than people say. You get more hassles and copyright issues through vlogs than blogs.

  3. Danny

    From my own point of view, vlogging is better. But that does not mean it is easier. People are visual beings, and it is proved that most folks like to watch videos than read blogs.

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