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Coming to an end of my education (for now), I figured why not share my revision notes. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc.

Feel free to make a little donation if you find my notes helpful.

University Notes (2010-2014) for Linguistics

I put the professor(s) I think to remember I had giving lectures on the topic into brackets

Other useful resources

ULAB – the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain
I was in the founding committee, we’ve held conferences at different UK universities every years since ULAB started in 2011
The next conference is at Edinburgh again, April 26/27. Go on the website to find out more!

IALS – the International Association of Linguistics Students
Founded alongside ULAB, IALS ended up in my hands and I transformed it into an information hub!

LANZ – Linguistics Association of New Zealand
During my exchange year in NZ, I founded the first linguistics society at Auckland University and created LANZ at that time, too, to have an information hub for Linguistics in Oceania

Linguistics Q&A
A few years ago I created this facebook group on which members can ask questions and post linguistic-related stuff, like online surveys if they need participants.


One comment on “Linguistics

  1. As a new linguistics student I have found your blog and material extremely interesting and helpful. Thank you for posting the information and I will donate. x

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