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The pros of LDRs

LDRs suck. I don’t have to list the cons (they’re obvious) nor write about how it can still work (did that last time).

My boyfriend and I chatted today about how people often just focus on the Bad and then self-pity themselves. I think that if we focused on the Good a little more (in general that is), we’d be a lot happier, more motivated and more engergised.

After just having spent a month with my partner and now yet again being away from for a few months it’s easy to be upset about that little significant fact that he’s too far away. So I’m trying to be positive and look at the bright side – at least I’ll feel better for the moment 😉 (in no specific order):

  • You have the chance to ‘digest’ your relationship, i.e. look at it from a distance and work on yourself during the time you’re apart to maybe make it even better.
  • Even if you keep in touch daily, both of you will change, even if only a bit, so you might get to meet a slightly different version of them when you see again which will keep things interesting.
  • You can get to know each other in a different way; if you normally don’t talk much, well now you kinda have to. You may be forced to think of new topics to talk about and discover some of your partners’ opinions etc that you weren’t aware of before. Research actually shows that those who don’t see each other daily have more meaningful interactions.
  • If you take up the challenge of having an LDR, you really must mean something to each other. In that way, it also kinda tests your relationship.
  • You forget about whatever may annoy you about them (in my case, not really anything! – or I’ve just already forgotten :P).
  • (…so that 😉 ) You’ll appreciate each other more. It’s easy to take something/someone for granted if you have it/them all the time. When they’re no longer around you’ll see what you’re missing.
  • When you meet again you can rediscover each other, because you will have changed and also forgotten some things about the other person.
  • In brief, distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  • And the obvious one, it will be soooooo nice to finally see each other again.
  • And when you’re finally past leading an LDR, you can still go off travel for a week or two by yourself every now and these pros will probably kick in (but since it’s only for a very short period of time, you won’t get any of the ‘nasty side effects of LDRs’ 😉 )

Look at the glass half-full, in terms of your LDR if you’re in one, and in any other aspect of life.

One comment on “The pros of LDRs

  1. Ari

    LDR definitely suck 😦 it’s been a month since last time I saw him. Our communication is strong and we sure it will work out but it isn’t easy. Thanks for pointing out the good things about LDR.

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