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The Sandfly Song (Video)

I don’t seem to have taken any photos of sandflies in NZ, but that’s us on the hike

Whilst on my exchange year in New Zealand I walked part of the Te Araroa Trail. As you will figure out quickly when you’re outdoors in New Zealand in Summer, there are lots of sandflies. At some point, I made up the wee chorus ‘I hate sandflies, coz they keep keep keep keep biting me...’ which became quite the earworm among us hikers. Since, I thought it would be fun to develop it into a song and possibly do some sort of music video.

When visiting my boyfriend, who had been one of the TA-hikers, in Canada in the winter holidays, we we put the idea into practice. I wrote the lyrics, he made the background music and a video of me (clearly a pisstake).

Have fun watching!

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