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Jeffrey Masson on Freud, Sexual Abuse, and Psychoanalytic Therapy

We had a guest lecture by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson the other day. Masson first studied Sanskrit to realise at 30 that he didn’t want to pursue it anymore, so he … Continue reading

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Many things have changed… or have they not?

Do you plan ahead what to serve your partner for dinner the next day? Before he gets home, do you make sure you’re all pretty and refreshed? Have you made … Continue reading

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It’s all down to your siblings!

What you’ll do depends on them If you have siblings and you’re not the oldest, your happiness is doomed to be at risk. The first child can do whatever it … Continue reading

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Questions you might be asking yourself about/approaching/in a relationship

Having been in a relationship for around six months now, it’s time to blog about it. No, not so much about mine, but about the concept in general. At what … Continue reading

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