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The most common excuse

No timeis, as I believe it to be, “I don’t have time”. I understand someone, who works from early till late, say these words, but I certainly do not think that e.g. a student (which most of my friends are) can use this excuse, not if they’re not in their final year. Sure, as a student myself I know that sometimes you can be overwhelmed with way too many assignments and tests and feel like you should be doing uni work non-stop. But let’s face it, the majority doesn’t do this and in the end, it’s not like you need to work all the time in order to do well (and if you did work all the time, you might actually do worse because everyone needs some free time for mind and body!). In fact, a great deal of students is actively looking at ways to procrastinate a lot of the time!

I was thinking about this the other day when a friend of mine said they couldn’t skype because they were too busy with uni work. I know for a fact that this is true, yet then I imagine them living their everyday-life. Indeed, they are very studious and spend most of their time studying, but they enjoy e.g. cooking and talking to mates too. So, if I was there I would certainly not get something like ‘hey I can’t talk right now I’ve got to work’ but if I ask for some (doesn’t have to be long) skype-chit-chat, that’s what I hear. I’m not blaming my friend in any way, I understand and it’s nicer to skype when they feel less stressed out anyway coz then they can take their time, but I wanted to use this as an example anyway. Even I find myself using the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse at times, e.g. when it comes to skyping or meeting a friend, and then I watch a 40-minute episode of some series and think to myself; I could’ve gotten more out of 40 minutes talking to a mate. It may be due to us being lazy and comfortable; it takes more effort talking to someone or even meeting someone than watching a movie!

The peculiarities of human nature, right!?

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