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As if life wasn’t confusing enough at times!

Yesterday I had a conversation about milkshakes & co with friends. smoothie

For me,
a milkshake is made from blended fresh fruit and milk, and
a smootie is made from blended fresh fruit only

As it turns out though, most cafes assume the following:

  • milkshake: made from milk, ice cream, flavours/sweeteners (fruit syrup or chocolate sauce)
  • smoothie: blended fresh fruit, crushed ice, often also with milk, yogurt or ice cream

So it seems, the main difference is whether flavours or fresh fruit are used. I think though that the ‘other’ ingredients are more important; i.e. whether it’s milk, ice, cream, yogurt, crushed ice, or none (in my opinion, this makes the main difference in taste) – but that’s often not so obvious. Hence, I’ve been avoiding ordering these drinks in public and prefer to make them myself the way I like them, which ends up being a lot cheaper anyway!


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