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When things end too soon!

It feels like the summer holidays lasted quite a long time (well, three months is quite a while) and yet, they seem to have passed by way too quickly. I just got back to Auckland, it’s O-Week and lectures start next Monday!

At the beginning of February I was in New Plymouth. On a hot day I walked up Mt Egmont, stayed in a hut and walked back in the morning – it was raining so bad that the track had turned into a stream!
I continued to Foxton to see a friend, then to Palmerston North and then Waikanae where I met up with Dan and Richy to continue walking. Since I got new insoles, I had no feet problems at all and looked forward to walking again!

From Waikanae to Wellington it was a mixture of beach and road walks as well as some hilly tracks. We stayed in Wellington for almost a week, the guys send some food down to be collected at points in the South Island and made sure their gear was all good to go.
We took the ferry down to Picton in the morning and continued with a post boat to the beginning of the Queen Charlotte trail. However, just before we got there, the boat had to return due to some mechanical problems. At least we got to see lots of beautiful dolphins on the way!

So we stayed in Picton for a night and got a boat to the trail’s start in the morning. The trail was pretty easy and took us three days to the last campsite just before Anakiwa. The next day we went to Havelock, where Dan and Richy prepared for their upcoming 10-day section through the Richmond Ranges. After two nights in Havelock it was time to say goodbye. I hitchhiked to Christchurch, stayed there 1 1/2 nights, walked to the airport at 3am (took me 2 hours) and when I got to Auckland I walked from the aiport into town. When you’re used to walking 6+ hours a day you ask yourself, why should I spend 30 bucks on a bus if I can just walk!?

I didn’t get to see much of the South Island, having stayed there for only a week, but I’ll probably return in some of my holidays and July to explore more of this beautiful part of the world!

Now back to no walking and sitting at my laptop getting stuff done. Not like that obviously.



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