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At the other end of the world, i.e. almost 18000 kilometres away, Edinburgh can and probably will not ever disappear from my thoughts completely. Its charm and unique atmosphere make it a very special place. The weather becomes irrelevant (actually, at some point you’ll probably start to enjoy the strong winds that almost carry you to your destination and the frequent drizzle that makes showering almost unnecessary).

With that little nostalgia flowing through my veins, let me reminisce about Edinburgh and some things you have to see and do when you’re in town. As someone who doesn’t have and need much, I’m all for the free stuff. You can also read up on the places on the map below.

  • Arthur’s Seat
    It takes about 20 minutes to get to the (usually very windy) top. You have an amazing view on the entire city and probably beyond.
  • Meadows
    When the sun comes out you’ll find the Meadows flooded with people. There are sometimes events going on, markets, or just random BBQs. You can spot golfers in the lower west of the park and watch tennis players in the tennis courts.
  • University of Edinburgh
    Students, researchers. Massive library. Nothing more to say.
  • Teviot (University Students Building)
    THE Harry Potter building. You won’t find another one around the world that looks like having just popped out of the book.
  • Mosque Kitchen
    Hungry? Grab a cheap (Indian) bite here. However, it’s kind of booming these days and thus somewhat losing its flair.
  • Old College
    Very historic old university building – as the name suggests.
  • National Museum of Scotland
    I  don’t like many museums. But I LOVE this one. You’ll find something for everyone, it’s huge and there’s lots to see and even to do, so kids won’t get bored either.
  • Elephant House
    Well, just walk past it and maybe have a look inside so you can say you’ve been to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter cafe. Apart from this connection it’s not really one of the best cafes to go to though.
  • Grassmarket
    Historically a cattle-market and a spot for public executions. In more recent times, the Grassmarket has become a hot-spot for traditional Scottish pubs and a vibrant nightlife.
  • Castle
    I’ve been told that the high entry price is not worth it and you’re quite well served just looking at it from the outside.
  • Royal Mile
    At the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, completely free of charge with all of Edinburgh’s most exciting sights and attractions. It’s the main thoroughfare for historic Edinburgh, going 1 and ⅛ of a mile from the Castle to the Palace (both Royal Residences). It is also the prettiest street (arguably) in the city, with St. Giles Cathedral, the Tron, and the Hub kirks.
  • Princes Street Gardens
    Go for a nice walk in those beautiful gardens. Don’t forget to pass by the Scott Monument!
  • Princes Street
    Main shopping mile – from cheap to expensive you’re likely to find what you’re looking for.
  • Calton Hill
    With some beautiful monuments and an incredible view on Edinburgh (just like from Arthur’s seat but different, i.e. you can recognise things while on Arthur’s Seat you can see more but therefore less detail) and the sea, definitely a must-do.
  • Royal Botanic Garden
    Beautiful and quiet get-away, slightly off the beaten path, but free to visit, and located near the Edinburgh neo-classical New Town.
  • Leith
    You should come here because it’s quite the opposite to Edinburgh’s centre and you get to see the sea (on which you have a nicer view from e.g. Portobello Beach though). Has a reputation for roughness. Plenty of sea-food pubs and coffee-shops.
  • Also: Have Haggis, a fried Mars Bar, a flapjack, oatcakes and porridge. Can’t get any more Scottish!

Edinburgh’s one of the nicest places I’ve been to, if not THE nicest (and I’ve travelled quite a bit), it’s got a wonderful flair and is so worth a visit!


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