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How to make yourself feel good

Personally, I believe that self-confidence is everything. It’s what makes you truly beautiful – from the inside and outside.
Being confident means you feel good about yourself, you’re in a better mood, you’re happier, you’re more confident about everything you do, you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to succeed and that will not only make you feel great but others will appreciate it too.

So how go about it? Here some of my personal hints:

  • compliment yourself! We easily comment on the things we screw up (Argh, why did I have to do that again! Silly me!) and sometimes forget about consciously noting the things we do well. Appreciate what you have and can do and what you’re good at. Even if you’re not so happy with yourself and your life and there’s just a few things you’d consider ‘good’, that’s a start. And as you discover those little bits that you like, you will discover more. Many minor things will add up to a whole lot.
  • if you’re in a bad mood, think of something that you like, be it a nice song, your secret crush (but only if that gives you pleasurable feelings 😉 ), or something you achieved. Wear some nice clothes – it’s astonishing what an outfit that suits you well can do with your mood! This will make you smile and cheer up.
  • don’t compare yourself to others. I think that’s one of my greatest faults and something I have to work on a lot. You have to realise that maybe, yes, they have nicer hair or their entire life seems just perfect but we all know that everyone has issues (even if some may seem rather issueless than others, but again something you can’t compare!).
  • allow yourself to be sad, it’s normal and human to feel – not just good but also bad. In these situations, do what comforts you. Listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite foods, have a nice warm bath and watch a good movie. That will help you relax and gain energy that you might have lost somehow.
  • be yourself! If there’s anything that I’ve learnt in my 21 years of life, it’s that you have to accept and be who you are, which is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Most of our lives we actually spend getting to know ourselves. It may sound strange as we are within us and should know us best, right? But the concept of identity is probably the hardest to grasp. Who am I? What am I doing on this planet? What is my purpose in life? Why am I so impatient? Why can’t I talk about my feelings? Throughout life you learn to answer these questions, you deal with them, and may try to change some behaviours if you don’t like what you see. Whichever way you go though, it is your life and you are going it, no-one else. If someone doesn’t like the way you laugh or chew, that you don’t get jokes or talk a lot about yourself, well then maybe these people aren’t supposed to be with you,
    there are so many people in this world and with some you just click, with others you don’t. Importantly again, accept it. Accept that you are the way you are, and even if you (can) change in some ways, essentially you will still remain yourself and you’ll be stuck in that head of yours for your entire life. Accept that some people will appreciate you, and others won’t. That’s okay, cos I mean, you don’t like some people either, don’t you?
  • and if you’re happy, show it! Smile at others! People should do that so much more often because smiling is contagious; so your happiness can actually make someone else happy!

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