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The Gym Phenomenon

You know what really sucks? You go to the gym and there they are: so many fab looking guys, and some of them might actually have brains too. Yet, you can’t just go over to one and say ‘hey there, wanna go for a drink sometime?‘, can you? And unfortunately, no-one ever asks you either. I have never seen or heard about anyone approaching someone in a gym. Instead you do your workout enjoying the view for the time being, hoping that maybe some day you’ll bump into that guy outside (not inside, you don’t want to make a ‘smelly’ impression) the gym (and literally bump into so either could say ‘I owe you a drink‘ or so, because similarly, who ever approaches someone on the street, just out of the blue?).

To be fair, it would be kind of weird to get asked out on a date if my face was all red and my shirt all wet. But then again, if he wants me like that, there’s little that might scare him off, right!? And if you don’t ask a person yourself because you think you look hideous, give it a shot, you never know, maybe that person’s been watching you the whole time just waiting for you to make a move (guys, we’re in the gym, moving is all that it’s about!)…

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This entry was posted on 14/11/2012 by in Body and Health (or not), Psychological Issues.
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