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When food isn’t just food

The importance of food nowadays in our society is very interesting. Eating habits often reflect a culture, but even within one some people follow a particular diet (due to ethical or health-related reasons or just to diet). Some may even be a little extreme, as I would call it, in what they do (for example some vegans who won’t even touch latex).

Wikipedia lists a hell of a lot of different diets, to name a few: Blood type diet, Buddhist diet, Inedia, Detox diets, Earth diet, Edenic diet, Elemental diet, Elimination diet, Food combining, Fruitarianism, Herbalife, Juice diet, Liquid diet, Raw foodism, … and the list goes on… Most of them sound more like a way of restricting food to lose weight, which I believe is one of the worst things you can do to your body.

I think that we should eat what we are provided with, and what we can manually produce (e.g. evolutionary  we were hunters and gatherers, we prepared meals with what we killed and picked without adding any artificial stuff). This means we are taking in foods that our body can process ‘naturally’. Therefore, ready-made meals and the like should be avoided. I firmly do not belief in any sort of dieting to lose weight – we are all different, needing various amounts of energy, and should provide our bodies with it whenever it needs it (hunger doesn’t exist without reason). It’s ridiculous how so many people in the first world starve themselves to be slim while so many people all around the globe are actually starving. (Ugh and after having seen Requiem for a Dream, dieting has become even more unattractive in my eyes.)

I picked out some very odd diets to introduce to you. Just out of curiosity – please do not even try them out, they sound very unhealthy, not providing your body with all nutrients it needs!

  • Fruitarianism

Fruitarianism is a form of veganism where people eat nothing but fruit, you guessed right. This usually includes fruit fruit (fruit that we consider as obviously fruit, like apples, bananas etc), as well as fruit that we don’t necessarily think of as fruit but really is classified as such, e.g. tomatoes and nuts.

  • Raw foodism/Raw veganism

This is where people only eat raw (vegan) food. Some people believe that cooking foods destroys important enzymes, or produces dangerous chemicals.

  • Blood type diet; Peter D’Adamo recommends different diets for each blood type.
    • Blood group 0 (the earliest human blood group): higher protein diet
    • Blood group A (more recently evolved blood type): emphasis on vegetables, a more vegetarian food intake
    • Blood group B (associated with a strong immune system and flexible digestive system): dairy products!
    • Blood group AB (most recently evolved type): intermediate between A and B
  • Inedia; the (alleged) ability to live without foods.

My mother told me about a film on this subject (In the beginning there was light) and just last year Prahlad Jan was big in the news for apparently surviving without food and water. Only prana (the vital life force in Hinduisim), or the energy in sunlight keeps such people alive. I highly doubt it, but you never know, anything could be possible.

Concluding, the best diet for you is your diet. It should include all nutrients your body requires to function well, provide you with enough energy and also make you happy. So if you think eating carrots is good for you but you actually hate them, don’t eat them! After all, we all have different tastes.


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