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Making sense of words that don’t exist

Some days ago I had a sensation in my eyes which I referred to as ziepen (tweaking) when I told a (German) friend. She got what I meant even though … Continue reading

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How to make yourself feel good

Personally, I believe that self-confidence is everything. It’s what makes you truly beautiful – from the inside and outside. Being confident means you feel good about yourself, you’re in a … Continue reading

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The Gym Phenomenon

You know what really sucks? You go to the gym and there they are: so many fab looking guys, and some of them might actually have brains too. Yet, you … Continue reading

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Mirror mirror on the wall!

(What are you doing to us all?) It’s sad and weird, to look into the mirror. Isn’t it a crazy invention! I somewhat feel like the mirror was a revolution, … Continue reading

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More touching than unable

I have NEVER before laughed and cried so many times during just one film. Untouchable, i.e. Intouchables, is a newly released French film. Driss starts working for the handicapped rich … Continue reading

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Into the Wild

Following my previous post liberty; I’m about to have my long sought-after adventure. Contrary to what I usually like to do – plan everything way in advance, I didn’t plan … Continue reading

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Half Time

Four months at the other end of the world. I must say, I still haven’t seen a lot of the country (been to Rangitoto, Coromandel Peninsula including Hot Water Beach, and the West Coast … Continue reading

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