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Dear (non) facebook users

Facebook represents our ideal selves; the persons that we would like to be (and at least to some extent are) and that we would like other people to see in us. We all have good times and like to post them – who ever really tells people via fb how miserable they are? That’s perfectly fine, after all, it makes us feel better about ourselves (seeing ourselves in a good light and believing that at least some people think we’re fine even if we’re not).

We all catch ourselves at times looking at someone’s profile (be it fb, a blog… any kind of (online) self-representation) thinking ‘look at them, they seem so happy, they’re gorgeous, they have fun, their life must be perfect’. If you ever thought that about me (lol!), well, let me tell you: my life is so not that great. Everybody has their problems, think about that next time you’re trying to make yourself feel bad by looking at those ‘idealised’ fb profiles.

In general terms, so many people in this world are pretending, I wish more of us could just be real and admit that we have faults, quirks and problems of all kinds, even if you may not see them in a mirror (or for that matter on a fb profile), which make us human.

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