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Not that it matters…

when it’s bigger, it’s more likely to… freeze off!

So, my friend and I were wondering why, apparently, black men have the biggest dicks.

penis ice cube tray. o0 things that exist out there…

My theory was that, maybe, in countries where it gets rather cold at times, (flaccid) penises should be smaller so the likelihood to fall off would decrease. In hot countries, then, flaccid penises would be longer.

I found some data on flaccid (and erect) penis sizes on this website. For this purpose, let’s just assume the data is about right.

I did some basic calculations (see table) and found that my hypothesis doesn’t seem wrong. Countries categorised as ‘cold’ have a flaccid penis length of around 6-7 cm, men living in a temperate climate go with around 9 cm, and those in arid countries with about 11 cm. Also the differences between mean erect and mean flaccid penis sizes is supporting, as flaccid penises ‘lengthen’ more in cold/temperate climates than in arid ones. Interestingly, men in a tropical climate zone appear to have smaller penises than those in a temperate one (8 cm versus 9 cm respectively).
However, these calculations don’t consider the persons’ statues; African men are usually pretty tall, Europeans more ‘average’, while Asians appear to be smaller. That probably does have some effect on penis size… 😉

Climate Country Erect Mean Flaccid Mean Difference
diverse China 9.3 9.3 6.0 6.0 3.3
cold Japan 13.0 11.2 8.0 7.0 4.2
  Nepal 9.3   6.0    
temperate Chile 14.0 14.0 10.0 9.3 4.7
  France 16.0   12.0    
  Germany 14.5   8.8    
  Greece 12.0   8.0    
  Italy 15.0   10.0    
  Korea 9.6   6.0    
  Spain 13.6   8.0    
  UK 18.3   12.4    
  USA 13.0   8.8    
tropical Brazil 12.4 12.5 8.0 8.3 4.1
  Columbia 14.0   8.0    
  India 9.6   9.6    
  Indonesia 16.3   10.0    
  Thailand 10.0   6.0    
arid Africa 18.3 15.3 16.3 11.5 3.8
  Australia 15.5   9.6    
  Mexico 14.9   12.0    
  Saudi Arabia 12.4   8.0    


Map (erect penis):

Climate zones:

One comment on “Not that it matters…

  1. neil

    uk & Indonesia haaaaaa you have got to be kidding!! LMFAO!

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