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Appeal(ing) to all bodies and the media

Each and every person has their ideal weight – that’s when your body works at its best. If you listen to your hunger signals, you won’t gain nor lose weight. If you have a stressful phase or so and happen to gain/lose weight your body will generally find its way back if your eating patterns normalise again.

Only a few years ago, the beauty ideal was ‘big’ – big people had money for food, and females had fat on their hips to nurture their children. Now, it’s apparently ‘slim’ – you either have lots of savings from not spending much on food (and toiletries if you’re female, considering that your period is likely to stop as the body tries to survive with little and shuts down ‘unnecessities’), or spend it on your medical bills etc.

It’s time the media REALISES: what people find beautiful DIFFERS. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So it doesn’t matter whether you put a curvy woman or an unmuscly guy in your ads, rather than only slim and muscly ones. Well, actually, it does: you’re causing hundreds and thousands of people to feel bad about themselves! Many people are self-conscious, and more and more develop an eating disorder or other psychological problems. You’re not only causing damage to individuals and their families and friends, but also to the state, i.e. every single tax-paying household, that has to cater for medical expenses.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To a certain extent.

But I guess it all starts with the individual, so: You are the way you are. There is no reason to torture yourself with worries about your weight. There will always be people thinner and prettier than you. That’s okay. They might find other people prettier in turn, maybe even you. Tastes differ and whatever the media tries to implant in our brains – often successfully, unfortunately – we should know better! Belief in yourself, trust yourself. Because you is all you have!


The history of the ideal of beauty

The ideal woman through the ages

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