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Sleeping Beauty

No, I’m not referring to the fairy tale.

Neither am I referring to the movie (which is quite good, by the way).

Ever heard of people sleeping for ages (like, weeks or even months)? That’s what I’m talking about. The Sleeping Beauty – or Kleine-Levin Syndrome*.

Back in June I had a cold which made me quite drowsy, but that’s normal enough when you’re ill. I kept on napping for some time until I did no longer had the time to do so, either way though, I was tired more often than usually. The last couple of weeks it worsened. Last weekend I got up feeling like I would rather just stay in bed and keep my eyes shut. I forced myself to go for a run, hoping that would ‘wake me up’. It didn’t, I felt like running asleep. That was no longer normal. I went to see my doctor, but neither her inspection nor a blood test showed any abnormalities, which I had hoped for (I am lactose and gluten intolerant, so for example an iron deficiency would’ve explained things and could have been taken care of easily) – not knowing what you’ve got but knowing that you’ve got something because something is just not right is the worst. So now I’m standing here with empty hands, tired eyes, tired mind, tired body. Getting paranoid about having some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome or one day not waking up for some weeks, which I doubt though. I feel the pain of those who are in these situations, it is terrible to feel tired and weak most of the time. Life is about being alive and active! Carpe Diem – you never know what happens next.

*For more information on KLS, google – there’s many interesting stories from people with KLS, and a detailed Wikipedia entry.

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