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You couldn’t find anything more expensive

than a life. You yourself, and all those that you love, are the most valuable persons in your life. Not just because it is your life without which you wouldn’t be here (at least not as yourself), and the lives of those without whom your life would be ‘worthless’ (how much would you wanna life if you were all alone? (Yes, there are exceptions, people who prefer to do so, but I’m talking about the average human being here)). But because you have been gulping down money all your lifetime. And you won’t stop until you’re dead.

Well, let’s do the calculation. Many things like housing, food prices etc depend on where you life and your lifestyle, obviously. So I’ll just take myself as example and make rough average guesses (all in USD).

  • Food & Drinks

150/month, makes 1800/year, makes 36000 in 20 years.

  • Housing

170/week, makes 680/month, makes 8160/year, makes 163200 in 20 years.

  • School (state-funded, costs for material etc only)

around 250/year, so about 3000 for the whole ride. Lucky you privately schooled kids, you’re worth even more!

  • University (state-funded – yes, they still exist in some parts of the world)

very little if you don’t buy books or resell them. Printing, copying & co maybe 30 USD/year or less (which is the case for me), so for so far 2 years at uni, 60.

  • Hobbies (I learnt some instruments, had riding and singing lessons – so quite a bit my parents invested in me here)

120/month, so for around 10 years 14400.

  • Holidays (on average 1*1 week holiday per year)

600/week, 12000 over 20 years.

  • Travelling (well this will make me quite expensive!)

maybe 20000

  • Stuff (electronics, and what not)

lots. Just a wild guess: 8000 USD.

  • Gifts I received (didn’t get that much (valuable) stuff)


  • Clothes and other stuff to protect my body and make me happy:

grand average of 20/month (though I generally spend/t less, used to get stuff from my older sisters and if I now need something, I go to second-hand shops), makes 4800 in 20 years.

  • Health care

600/year? 12000 for 20 years?

I hope I didn’t leave anything/too much out. So far, my value adds up to 275.460 USD – probably more. No wonder then that people mourn after people – especially parents who pay for everything until their kid’s moved out (or even beyond). It’s not about love, it’s all about the money.

Screw my calculation though, if I was ever going to sell myself, I would rather quote – according to them I’m worth 1.7 million USD. Not bad, eh?

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