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Part 1 – We’re doomed

You out there, whose parents divorced (when you were a kid), sorry, got bad news for us. In terms of our future relationships, not so great looking prospects. Research shows that we fear commitment, opening up and revealing our true selves, we avoid those who care for us, we have poor judgment about sex or emotional intimacy, we expect relationships to fail, we are six times more likely to become divorced than those whose parents didn’t separate – just to name a few (more here). And in addition to that, when we read stuff like this telling us that we are like that, it’s even more likely that we behave that way! (this is a common psychological phenomenon) Hurray!

Inspecting my own love life; I’m sometimes ‘scared’ of guys who show interest in me. I go for those that I don’t mean much to. I feel I can’t really talk about ‘serious stuff’ with them, maybe I’m afraid that if they knew me for real they would no longer want me at all. I may hope for more to come after the intimacy, yet I can’t imagine anything more to happen. I doubt a relationship could ever work, because of me. I feel like I don’t believe in the one for me. I can’t picture that someone could ever actually love me and want more than sex. And if I ever got into a relationship, I would probably ruin it in some way, or something would go wrong – either way it wouldn’t last and all I’d be left with would be another piece of my heart broken off.

So there we go. Bright future, innit.


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