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At the beginning of June I spent 3 days with a friend in Prague (Czech Republic). My friend and I have done a lot of city-travelling before and, again, we’ve come to the conclusion that most cities (in Europe) are very alike, it’s still interesting in terms of the people and discovering a different culture, but next time we’ll just go to a cheap beach and relax. City-trips are exhausting!

It took us a while to find each other at the train station and then we walked to our couchsurfing host. We left our luggage there and then started walking around. My friend was a little ill and I was tired but we both did quite well nevertheless. We went out with our CS host in the evening (you MUST try traditional Czech soup in some kind of bread-bowl), I got a little drunk and so the next day we were both zombiing through Prague (one sick, one hungover). Yet we managed to walk a hell of a lot. It was very sunny and warm that day too and I was so close to taking a bath in the Vltava – if I just hadn’t been half-dead and bikini- and towelless… ;P We went to the cinema in the evening coz our feet were killing us – US blockbuster with Czech subtitles. Slept pretty deeply that night but were still quite drained the next day, only trotted around for about 1-2 hours, then we got our luggage and waited at the train station for 3 hours.

Prague is a nice city, especially attractive to historians and architects I believe as there are numerous old buildings. You find playgrounds in every corner, some of them pretty fun for adventurous adults too. Pragueians seem to have some kind of obsession with naked men – or more specifically, their little mate; statues all around. Prices are relatively low compared to say Germany or Austria, it’s more expensive than in other Czech cities though. Here some examples:

  • Dinner – 90 korunas (Czech crown)
  • Cinema (student) – 139 korunas
  • Wine – 60 korunas
  • Apple – 5 korunas
  • 500g peaches – 28 korunas


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