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Penis Graveyard

I visited a museum last week and noticed that most male sculptures’ penises were either extremely small (in relation to their bodies) or broken off. My friend commented that maybe in these (Ancient Greek or Roman) times ‘too big’ penises would have been obscene and caused troubles. And maybe at some point the church regarded even these small penises as ‘too much’ for the public, so they were broken off and put in some sort of… penis graveyard (underneath the churches?).

There actually seem to be quite a few discussions on small package sizes of ancient sculptures on the web. Most of these human sculptures were from the Greeks or Romans who admired the male figure. A small penis was the ideal, which kind of reflects how fashion changes (see this website)… Furthermore, the penis was not supposed to be the main focus of the piece and a large penis would have been offending.

On the ‘missing genitalia’, Sam Shuster (2011) noted that noses were more likely to break off, and being much more important than penises, these were broken off to repair the missing noses.

So, my friends’ ideas were pretty good but not necessarily reflective of the actual reasons for small or broken-off penises…

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  1. Dr. Govinda Chandra Penthoi

    It is a very good site for inquiring knowledge.

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