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As I said last year, this year I fooled them all. Oh yes, and they all believed it.

I posted on facebook that I wasn’t going on exchange next year (due to personal issues), and that I was now urgently looking for a flat in town for next year. I spoke about this with my flatmates. After I told them about the prank, one was totally surprised (“you looked so sad and… and… gosh!”). When I revealed the prank on facebook some of my friends couldn’t believe they actually fell for it.

I spoke to my mother on the phone and told her the reason I didn’t get in touch with her for about a week was that I’d been a bit pre-occupied by the news that I was pregnant. Long story short, she believed it. At the end of the phone call I was like ‘April Fool’. It came up whether I should fool the guy who did not get me pregnant, but even though I was sooo close, I didn’t do it. Would have been just a little bit too cruel 😉 …

What were your pranks? Last year there were some google pranks going around, I didn’t see any ‘weird’ stories on the internet today (maybe I just wasn’t looking, preoccupied with my own little lies…)…

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