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Casablanca´s Casanovas

I started this post way back last summer, time to get it out there. I spent some days in June 2011 in Essaouira, Morocco. Alone. (I had to as I … Continue reading

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One last kiss…

The best kisses are goodbye kisses, in my opinion. It’s this moment of pleasure and uncertainty whether it might be the last one, the one that you will never forget … Continue reading

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Penis Graveyard

I visited a museum last week and noticed that most male sculptures’ penises were either extremely small (in relation to their bodies) or broken off. My friend commented that maybe … Continue reading

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Back to the Past

I went into the living room and said to my flatmate: I wish I could be reborn. As in like, still be myself but differently. Be the self that I … Continue reading

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As I said last year, this year I fooled them all. Oh yes, and they all believed it. I posted on facebook that I wasn’t going on exchange next year … Continue reading

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