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The bloody truth about True Blood

(yeh… don’t expect too much of this post because of the title…it’s just a nice word game 😉 )

I was recommended TrueBlood by a guy. That was surprising. We were talking about how bad Twilight was and he meant True Blood was the good version of it. So I watched a couple of episodes. Some things I noted:

  • one episode = almost one hour. Sometimes pretty long-winded.
  • some personalities behave rather unrealistically (esp the main charakter Sookie), that’s either down to the screenplay or bad actors.
  • when Bill kills a vampire he more or less ‘bursts’ – they could really have done better here.
  • when Tara is in prison it’s daylight. She then leaves with Maryann. And suddenly it’s dark outside when they exit the prison. Magic. (this daylight-nighttime phenomenon occurs more often than that time)
  • Tara is at Maryann’s, someone takes away her phone. And still we find her at Sookie’s side soon after – who could have contacted her and how?
  • however, one nice quote: “Just ’cause you understand the mechanics of how something works, doesn’t make it any less of a miracle”

So how come I was recommended this series? By a guy? Let’s put it that way… at least half of the scenes are sex scenes. Non-porn porn? We’ve had that before… (Spartacus: Blood and Sand)

this image nicely sums up what True Blood is all about 😉

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