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Those who grew up in industrialised countries probably know what I’m writing about. We are born, attend kindergarten, then school. We are supposed to graduate with good grades and then … Continue reading

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Brodmann Areas (in humans)

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Brn wrkt

m tryng t prf pnt hr tht ppl wh knw nglsh r prfctl (r s) cpbl f ndrstndng txt wrttn wtht ny vwls. hv lrdy wrttn pst rltng t ths … Continue reading

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The bloody truth about True Blood

(yeh… don’t expect too much of this post because of the title…it’s just a nice word game 😉 ) I was recommended TrueBlood by a guy. That was surprising. We … Continue reading

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There are numerous terms to divide males and females in different groups in terms of their characteristics, e.g. gentleman, dandy, lad and lady, tomboy/girl, gamine. When it comes to age … Continue reading

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