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Death and Beyond

I am not scared of death. It comes when it comes and it will come someday for sure.

Now and then you think about what follows death. Maybe you’re reborn, maybe not. Maybe your soul lives on, maybe we don’t have a ‘soul’ and just cease to exist.

Only a couple of days ago when I thought about it I had a sudden feeling of fear. I had never felt this before, maybe I had never thought about it so consciously until that point, who knows.
What if there’s no ‘after’? What if you’re really just gone, forever? Then there will no longer be a ‘you’ in that sense. Nothing.

There’s no answer, but either way, we should believe in what does not scare us I guess. So no matter how unreligious I am, I like to believe in reincarnation. Even if it were not the case, as long as I am alive, it keeps me alive 😉

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